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We have made short visits to Keawapaku Beach on our previous visits to Maui, but hadn’t spent a lot of time there before this latest trip. We decided to try out Five Palms Restaurant, which has an oceanfront view of Keawapaku Beach. We both had the Lobster BLT. The food was fantastic and the view was amazing. We even saw a few turtles swimming near the shoreline. 

By the time lunch was done it was getting to be mid-afternoon, so the wind had picked up and the waves were getting bigger. So I decided to wait until the next morning to try out the snorkeling. It was a beautiful sunny morning and the water was much calmer. I saw lots of fish and quite a few turtles. My first underwater video attempts at Kaanapali Beach were pretty shaky so I didn’t post any of those, but I did a lot better this time with the water being calm. Here are some of my favorite photos and a video from Keawapaku Beach:

Keawapaku Beach Maui

Lobster BLT at Five Palms Maui

Rocky Point near Keawapaku Beach Maui

Keawapaku Beach - Maui

Snorkeling at Keawapaku Beach, Maui

Maui Turtle

snorkeling with turtles video keawapaku beach maui

Definitely one of my new favorite beaches, and a very short drive from our condo at the Maui Banyan. Will be back here for sure on future visits! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more posts from our latest Hawaiian Adventures!


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The Maui Ocean Center was another great place we visited during our wedding trip of 2008.

The aquarium starts out with the fish you would find in a tide pool , and works its way down to the fish you would find at the depths of the lower ocean. We saw sea urchins, seahorses, sharks, turtles, angler fish, puffer fish, and much more.

My favorite part of the entire place was the massive shark tank found towards the end. There are numerous species of sharks, manta rays, tuna, and many more types of fish swimming about. You even get to walk through a tunnel at one end of the shark tank. There are literally sharks, rays, and fish all around you. It is definitely a sight to see.

They have a pretty good sized gift shop at the end, where you can find all sorts of souvenirs.

There is a bit of a mall right next door to the aquarium as well. One thing I would be sure to check out is Hula Cookies, where they make cookies and ice cream. You can even order two of their fresh cookies, and get them to put them in a bowl with some of their ice cream in the middle. Best ice cream sandwich ever.

Hula Cookies Ice Cream Sandwich

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