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We have been to Maui three times now, with a lot of great experiences, memories, and photographs. So I was looking back and thinking about all of my favorite activities we have done.  So of course it made perfect sense to add a blog post with our favorite Maui Activities. Although it was a pretty tough list to narrow down, as there are so many amazing things you can do there. Since we mostly travel the island on our own, there are not many paid tours on the list (although we would like to take a helicopter tour some day). Anyhow, here is the list, hope you enjoy it, and as always you can click on the color links to see the full post for each:

#1 – Of course our wedding is first on the list. Such a perfect day at Secret Cove Beach, and our favorite memory of all. Getting married on the beach in Hawaii is the best thing we could have done:

Secret Cove (Pa'ako Beach), Maui

Sunset at Secret Cove Beach

#2 – Whale Watching with the Pacific Whale Foundation. It is definitely worth going out just to see and hear the humpbacks, no matter what the distance. We were lucky enough to have them swim right up to the boat. It was an unforgettable experience.

Pacific Whale Foundation - Maui Whale Watching


#3 – The amazing Haleakala Sunrise. We have been up to view the sunrise twice now, and will certainly go back up again on our next trip. I also enjoyed taking photos of the night sky. But watching the sun slowly rise above the clouds was a sight to behold. But be sure to dress warm for this one, as that wind is something else.

Haleakala Sunrise - Maui

Lookout Tower- Haleakala Volcano Crater Sunrise, Maui

#4 – The Old Lahaina Luau. Another amazing memory from our wedding trip of 2008. It was recommended online as one of the best Maui Luau’s. Whether you choose this one or another, a luau is definitely something to experience on any trip to Hawaii.

Old Lahaina Luau

#5 – Snorkeling at turtle town. I love to swim, love to snorkel, and love taking photos. So I spent a lot of time in the water with my new underwater camera on our latest trip. Turtle town near Wailea is one of my favorite spots. If you arent comfortable swimming from shore there are a lot of tour boat options that will get you here as well, to swim with the fish and the turtles.

Snorkeling with Turtles

#6 – Driving the Hana Highway. An all day adventure with as many side trips and stops as you can manage. So many sights and stops and adventures to be had.

South Maui Coastline

#7 – Honolua Bay – One of our favorite places on the island of Maui. On our first trip he heard it was a great snorkeling location. We didnt know about the rainforest out there however – what an amazing place. And the snorkeling was awesome (when the surf isn’t up).

Honolua Bay

Tropical Forest at Honolua Bay, Maui

#8 – Hiking the Pipiwai trail. An adventure that might be best done while staying in Hana. But we made an early morning drive from Kihei and hiked this amazing trail. From the Infinity Pool, to the banyan tree, to the Bamboo Forest, to the 400 foot waterfall at the end, this was such an awesome hike.

Maui Bamboo Forest

Makahiku Falls Infinity Pool - Maui

#9 – Watching the sunsets on the beach is one of our favorite (and free) activities on the island. We especially loved the views from Secret Cove and Big Beach. The perfect way to end yet another day in paradise:

Beautiful Maui Sunset

Kamaole Beach Sunset

#10 – Kula Botanical Garden. We spent a great morning walking through the gardens here. Its a self guided trail where you can wander the trails at your own pace, and view the great variety of tropical plants and flowers. Definitely great for photos:

Crazy Flower at Kula Tropical Flower Gardens, Maui

at Kula Tropical Gardens, Maui

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed the list. It was hard to narrow down as there is so much to do. We definitely look forward to our next visit, as there are many more activities we would like to try.


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We went to the Old Lahaina Luau during our 2008 trip to Maui. It was one of our favorite experiences from any of the Hawaiian Islands. We got there quite a bit early which helped us get a good parking spot. We just went to the mall across the street for a bit to pass the time before the Luau started.

The atmosphere at the luau was very good. As soon as you walk in they give you a lei and a drink – and the drinks were very very tasty. A fresh tropical fruit drink is about as good as it gets. Since we were staying at the Maui Banyan in Kihei – about 40 minutes away – we had a few designated drivers for our group. The bartender had no problems with mixing up some amazing fruit drinks without alcohol. I certainly didn’t hear any complaints from those who were enjoying the alcoholic versions either.

I booked our tickets well in advance, so we were seated in the front row of the seated tables. The only ones in front of us were a row of mat seating on the ground, which because they were seated on the floor, they were not in our way at all. It didn’t look like there was a bad seat in the place:

Apr 17 2008 494The Imu – where they cook the kalua pork:

Apr 17 2008 522The ceremony was very busy with people crowded around, so I didn’t get any good photos once they started digging. I was very happy I checked it out though, as not everyone in our group did. They seemed disappointed as I described watching the ceremony to them.

The buffet was very good. I tried everything on the menu, although some things were a bit different, like the Octopus salad. One of my favorites was the Ahi Poke, and of course everyone enjoyed the Kalua Pork. I filled my plate a couple times and ended up completely stuffed.

The entertainment was amazing as well. They did a very good job of telling a number of Hawaiian stories. The dancers and costumes were all very good. Although we didn’t get very many good photos since it was dark and they were moving pretty fast. A few turned out good though:

Old Lahaina Luau

The entire luau experience was an event to remember; one that I would certainly recommend to anyone visiting Maui. Many other people on Tripadvisor also recommend them as they are one of the highest rated in Lahaina. The entire night was one of the most memorable experiences during our time in Hawaii. It was well worth the cost and we will likely go back once again on our next trip to Maui.

Their website is: http://www.oldlahainaluau.com/

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