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On our last day on the Big Island, I started the day with a fishing trip. I chose a half day shared charter on the Sea Wife II. It was only $99 per person. Shauna wasn’t interested in fishing though, especially an early morning trip, so she stayed at the condo to sleep in.
Kona Fishing

I don’t think I would use that charter again though if I returned to Kona. They let you keep your catch, which I thought was definitely a good thing. On most Hawaiian fishing charters the fish goes to the crew, to supplement their wages by selling the day’s catch. But it seemed more like we were just out for a cruise, and they did not have a lot of interest in catching fish.

We came to a very busy spot, with boats everywhere, but they just cruised on by. We even got a few bites near there, but they just kept on cruising rather than sticking around to try and hook into some fish. I would rather have caught a fish (especially a marlin) knowing full well that I wouldn’t get to eat it, than to catch nothing at all.

But my fishing trip certainly was not bad by any means. I did get a great view of the Kona coastline the entire trip:

Fishing along the Kona CoastWe even saw a few whales, although by the time I got my camera they were gone. The best part of the trip was seeing the dolphins at the Honokohau harbor:
Dolphins at Honokohau HarborWe saw them on the way out, and the way in.

DolphinsSo once I got back to the condo, I took Shauna out to the harbor so she could see them as well. They were there all day, and we could easily see them from shore, although they were farther away from shore than when I had first seen them during the fishing trip.

For lunch that day, we went to the Green Flash Coffee Shop and Cafe.
Green Flash Coffee, Kona
We had read about it in the Big Island Revealed Guidebook, and decided to check it out since it was close to our condo. The panini’s and coffee were very good. There is no ocean view though, but they have a few tables out back in a garden area:
Green Flash Coffee, KonaWhile we were eating we noticed that we were not alone. We were surprised that we did not notice how many of these little guys there were running around in the vines…
Green Flash Coffee, Big Island

Our favorite meal on the Big Island was at Jackie Rey’s Ohana Grill. We went there on our last night in Hawaii after reading the good reviews on TripAdvisor and Big Island Revealed. The staff were very friendly, and overall it was just a great place for our last Hawaiian meal. The tables are covered with white paper and there are a few crayons for you to draw with while you wait. I had the grilled Ono and scallops, with purple potatoes and vegetables. Shauna had the Club Med Salad with hummus and grilled pita bread. It was one of the best meals during our entire trip, and easily the best we found on the Big Island.
Jackie Rey's - Big Island of Hawaii

If you want to really explore the Big Island of Hawaii I would definitely recommend that you stay longer than three nights. There is so much to see and do that we found ourselves rushing to try and get as much in as we could. And not really taking as much time to enjoy it all as we would have liked. We bought the Big Island Revealed guidebook, and it was a great help on our trip, even though we were limited on time. We have their guidebooks for Maui, Oahu, and the Big Island, and found them to be among the best guidebooks we could find for the Hawaiian Islands.

Overall, we enjoyed The Big Island. It was more laid back like Maui and Kauai as well, which we really liked in comparison to our week spent on the island of Oahu. The Big Island was quite hazy though most of the time though because of the volcano. Apparently it has been that way since an eruption in March of 2008. We are hoping that it clears up before we go back to the Big Island next time, as we do plan to go back someday as there is so much more to see…

Shauna has some more photos of the Big Island on her Flickr account as well.

To see the recap of our first few days on the Big Island, you can check out my other post here.


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