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We headed back to the island of Maui for our anniversary. So of course on our first night we headed to the beach where we got married – Secret Cove Beach. It was a cloudy night, but definitely much hotter than we were used to at home. It certainly was amazing to be back. There was a small wedding ceremony happening out on the point, despite all the fishing rods that had been set up there.

Secret Cove Destination Wedding Beach Maui Hawaii

The waves were crashing pretty good on the rocks. Such an amazing and peaceful sound.

Secret Cove Beach Maui Anniversary Photography

We were standing and enjoying the view, when I spotted a whale spouting off in the distance towards Kahoolawe. And then there was another spout, and another. It wasnt long before everyone on the beach was watching. It was really neat to have such an experience at our wedding beach on our anniversary.

But they were just getting started… all of the sudden a massive tail appeared and started slapping down onto the water, over and over and over. You can also see a whale to the left, blowing water/air:

Maui Whale Fight

Shauna took out her smaller camera with the better zoom, and took a video as well:

It must have carried on like this for a few minutes. What a sight! It appeared that the whale slapping its tail was trying to ward off another whale to the left of it. It finally ended when the whale to the left of the tail slapper gave one last spout of air and headed off in the other direction. We watched them all for a bit after that, and the one heading left seemed to be all by itself, while it looked like three or four of them heading to the right, towards Molokini.

As the whales headed off out of sight, I noticed a turtle swimming in the water about thirty feet from shore. It was riding in the waves and kept popping its head up for air. We tried getting some photos, but it was not sitting high enough in the water to get a good shot.

We would have been happy just being back at the beach and listening to the waves crashing. But seeing the whales and the turtle made it an unforgettable evening…. and definitely a great beginning to our trip.


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