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Maluaka beach is a great place to snorkel, my favorite on the island of Maui. It is just south of Wailea in front of the Makena Beach and Golf Resort (formerly the Maui Prince). Public access points are found at either end of the beach.

To get to the North end you can turn onto Honoiki Road just past the 2.5 mile marker, then left onto Makena Road. There is a parking lot with a restroom and showers across the road. Although we avoided the showers since they seemed to be a hangout for bees.

Access to the south end is just past the 3.5 mile marker on Makena Alanui Road. As with many of the popular beaches in the area, parking seems to fill up pretty fast, so it helps to get there early if possible.

Apparently Maluaka Beach is one of the turtle towns found on Maui, which explained why it was so busy. I am a good swimmer, so I had no problems with swimming this area from shore.  But of course, you should only swim where you are comfortable, and check out the ocean conditions prior to swimming, or talk to a lifeguard. If you click on the ocean conditions link it will take you to a great website with beach description, aerial photos, hazard ratings, and surf conditions.

I certainly saw a lot of turtles here, and lots of fish as well. Next time I am going to make sure to bring a waterproof camera. The water is very clear so it would be easy to get some great photos…

Looking south along Maluaka Beach

20090406_0251Southern end of the beach, where I saw many turtles. As with Palauea Beach much of the best snorkeling is out near the charter boat in the photo below:

20090411_785The photo below shows the Northern end of the beach. You can see a nice opening in the reef which makes a great access point. I swan out to the edge and went left parallel to the shoreline. I ended up coming out towards the middle of the beach, and walked back to this end where I had started.


Overall, this was one of our favorite beaches on all of Maui. It had everything we wanted: good scenery, great snorkeling, and was great for taking photos. It was fairly busy with the resort in the middle, parking lots on both ends, and charter tours stopping as part of their trip from Molokini, but that can only be expected for one of the best snorkeling beaches on Maui. It was well worth checking out, and we will certainly spend a lot of time here on our next trip.

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